Financial Aid for Youth Faith Formation

Parish families wishing to seek financial aid for youth religious formation tuition need to apply for assistance by September 15, 2014, to the Private School Aid Service (PSAS), a third-party aid service. These families need to provide all the documentation required by PSAS. St. John Neumann pays the PSAS application fee for our families.

Families who do receive financial aid are asked to pay all fees for their child’s faith formation. A payment plan for these fees can be set up with St. John Neumann.

To apply to PSAS, click here to download the application.

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We, at SJN, have had a consistent vision statement that has served us for many years, but has gradually lost its impact on our parish’s direction and mission.  Consequently, over the past several months, I have been soliciting input from a multitude of parish members, including the Pastoral Council, Finance Council, and Stewardship Council to create new Mission and Vision Statements that will lead us into the next phase of parish growth.  After prayerfully reviewing a variety of proposals as amended by council members, we have arrived at the following statements to help guide us in every significant decision that lies ahead:

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we, the family of St. John Neumann, strive to become committed disciples of Jesus, growing as stewards of God’s gifts, and sharing His love with all who are searching for the Truth.

As Catholic Christians, we understand that all our gifts are from God.  No gift is greater than what Jesus promised – the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Living in this truth, we aspire to be led in faithful obedience to the Spirit’s guidance: in all that we do as a parish community, in the Sacraments, in service, and in our desire to grow as intentional disciples of Jesus.  We commit our lives to a personal relationship with Jesus that empowers us to worship Him wholeheartedly, to serve Him and His creation faithfully, and to share our gifts responsibly. In so doing, we hope to share His love in a way that draws others into that same life-giving relationship with Our Savior.

In Christ,
Fr. David Peck

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